The Company

LVA linea Vetrine

LVA is an Italian company which from 20 years is specialised in the production of glass showcases with aluminium frame.
The attention to the quality and the steady innovation of materials have soon allowed to LVA to be a significant presence also in the international outline with a sober design product, always taking care of the details.
The program LVA is characterised by the strength of the aluminium frame, the security obtained using tempered glass with anti-dust protection system and the use of light spots on each shelf (patent LVA), everything exclusively made in Italy.
Production is articulated in several lines which give origin to a wide range of standard showcases for accessories and colours – standard or custom sizes, adjustable shelves, stratified or tempered glasses, glazed glasses, mirrors – with a quality and a design project which have always marked LVA production. Working in a wide range of area as shops, offices, fairs, exhibitions, museums and similar, we carry out the complete process from production to selling.


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Customer Care
Ferrari Silvia

For information of a commercial nature, quote requests, collaborations and partnerships, for private bids or retailers.

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Production technical manager
Russo Michele

For technical requirements and specifications; for information on materials, finishes and specifications of any kind relating to the product.

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What we can do:

Product Design
internal design of all the products in the catalog
internal workout of most of the construction materials
Graphic design
Realization of technical drawings and 3D render of custom projects
Direct sell
Organization and at destination transport care